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Disneyland map from 1953 fetches $708,000 during auction

Offering a glance into how a sorcery began, an strange hand-drawn map of Disneyland from 1953 sole for a record $708,000 during auction over a weekend. The artwork, hand-inked and hand-colored, was combined by Walt Disney and artist Herb Ryman and used to benefaction to investors in sequence to secure …

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The Ritz-Carlton to launch a line of oppulance journey yachts

The Ritz-Carlton hotel organisation is holding to a seas with a initial line of oppulance journey yachts. The intemperate 623ft vessels will any accommodate adult to 298 passengers opposite 149 suites, any with a private balcony, as good as dual 450-sq-ft duplex penthouses. Facilities will embody a spa, a scenery …

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Fourth good white shark found passed in South Africa

Fourth good white carcas has cleared adult in South Africa with a liver missing Killer whales are believed to be obliged for a weird rapacious pattern Experts contend a whales have grown an appetite for a squalene-rich livers In December, a Sevengill shark was videoed as it was killed by a …

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Travel photographer reveals how to renovate lifeless shots

‘YuriFineart”s retouching videos have racked adult millions of views on YouTube The photographer shows how lifting a shadows can exhibit dim details Changing a photo’s feverishness is also important, he says By Sadie Whitelocks for MailOnline Published: 10:10 EDT, 26 Jun 2017 | Updated: 12:39 EDT, 26 Jun 2017 e-mail …

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Wendy Driver swims in Senja, Arctic Norway

I have to acknowledge we was carrying second thoughts.  As we clambered down a boat’s ladder, we felt some-more than a small apprehensive. After all, submerging myself in a Arctic Ocean with usually a skinny covering of neoprene between me and a icy H2O seemed like a crazy idea. But …

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